August 19, 2020

Educators allocate students assignments each day, as either homework or while in class. Allocation is the easiest part, write it on the blackboard and request your students write them on their workbooks and then move to the next task on the day’s lesson. However, have you ever found out how educators can help students find out how to apportion time to their assignments? How can students find out the time assignments should take, for example, should an assignment take 40 or 10 minutes? To the majority of educators, it is an unseen spot in their teaching career. They are not helping students with their time management skills. Further, they do not develop the student’s ability to examine assignments and evaluate the time it should take.

Good time management is essential because students can estimate what they can finish with the time they have, the time it will take to have assignments completed, and the remaining time. It offers students breathing space, hence eliminating the feeling of hurry, resulting in less stress and frustrations on the side of students. The following are techniques for supporting students to master time management skills.

Do and successfully finish the assignment yourself.

Try to do my statistics assignment yourself and estimate the time it takes. This experiment estimates the amount of time it takes a proficient student to complete the same assignment successfully. Also, consider students with disabilities and determine what might prevent their advancement in completing the assignment. After this estimate, the time proficient and weak students will take to complete the assignment and offer the range of minimum and maximum time. If, in your assessment, the homework takes between 20 to 30 minutes, let your students know so that they plan their time well. With this knowledge, they will plan their homework assignment within their daily schedules. Occasionally, students arrive home at around 3:30 pm and head for physical activity such as basketball or soccer at round 5:00 pm. Between arrival time and the start of physical activity exercise, a student might slot his or her homework assignment when they know the approximate time it takes to complete the assignment. The disadvantage of this method is that they may doubt themselves and lose confidence if the homework takes longer than the suggested time.

Rate the homework assignments.
Categorize the assignments into three periods to understand the kind and the time it takes to finish.

Here are the three categories.

Quick checks: Such types of homework assignments measure sticks of mastery and are typically sweet and short. In this category of homework assignments, students take between 20 seconds to 50 seconds for each question. Therefore, 20 questions of this category should take between 6 minutes to 10 minutes.

Thorough response: This category is suitable for questions that require more development and substance. In this category, students take between 2 minutes to 4 minutes to answer each question. This category typically has fewer questions, and as such, students spend between 20 minutes and 35 minutes.

Sustained thought: This category is useful when students have to access new resources or materials. It is also suitable when students require interrogating ideas before formulating a response or handling challenging reading. For this category, students should take between 30 minutes to 40 minutes to finish the homework assignment.


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