November 11, 2020

There has been a worrying trend among children taking home a lot of assignments to work on. For a long time now, homework has been used as a great tool by learning institutions to boost the quality of learning. It has also been used to promote excellence and the image of the school. As the students shine in their academic endeavors, the learning institution gets on the map too. However, has this been at the expense of the learners? There is a lot to unearth from this.

Initially, homework was probably meant for college students. However, there has been a growing trend over the years where these assignments have also been part of young children in elementary school. There are no limits and good management of the amount of homework that children are given. This has been of major concern especially in negatively affecting the health and welfare of children.

Negative Impacts of Homework On Children’s Health 

The human body needs rest and sleep. These two are essential for development and growth. Children are a delicate lot and need enough rest for their minds to grow freely without worrying too much. When the mind is not given time to rest, there is a high chance that other parts of the body will not function optimally. Children that are always working on assignments both at school and at home are facing a lot of difficulties in their learning.

Pressure building from homework can deny children sufficient sleep and even appetite for food. That is why these assignments have been associated with stress and depression amongst children. When given without specific guidelines or objectives, homework can be destructive. Children are denied the basic rights of play and indulgence. They hardly can find time with family and friends and this has worked heavily to their disadvantage.

Use of Homework

Too much of everything is poisonous and so is too much of homework activities for children. Where there are no objectives, children will suffer for nothing. They will preoccupy themselves with work and deny themselves the freedom they need at school. For that reason, many are ailing and are not able to cope up with studies again. They are always concerned about going to school and going to sleep late, something which is not good for their growth.

The human mind is the seat of all decisions and actions. If the mind feels sick, then other parts of the body are bound to reciprocate in the same manner. Homework for children should be regulated. It should not be done at the expense of other equally important things for their growth and development. There is always a way out to protect the interests of children. 

Bottom Line

It is good to encourage children to learn and homework has played a significant role in that. However, it is important to exercise caution when doing all this for them. Children are delicate and should not be overstretched when it comes to helping them work on their studies.


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