November 11, 2020

Have you ever been so tired that you never wished to do your homework? It happens most times, which happens when one is so exhausted and deserves rest, therefore finishing up with a lot of difficulties. 

Different levels of education have different punishments. Students don’t get a lot of roughness from the university professor or colleges but instead, get zero that cannot be overturned. While for lower levels, you get punished and get to redo the work. 

At college, some people claim they have part-time jobs that do not let them do the homework in time. But most above all, you deserve to finish your work in time with help ordered at 123Homework, and be on the safe side. If you do not complete the tasks, you will get bad grades, which you don’t want to have.

Doing homework has got both good and bad sides that are advantages and Disadvantages which include:


Many people think doing homework is the most significant punishment ever and others call it boring. In certain situations, lecturers give homework for the sake, but above all, they do not want to leave their students idle and stay on the Television for all their time at home; hence homework enables these students to be productive and concentrative on their homework.

According to a philosopher named Karl Marx, homework provides and improves ones reading skills, critical thinking, and working under pressure, which is called mental exercise, according to him. This exercise helps students keep fresh and ready for a test anytime. 

  1. It is argued that students who miss classes get a chance to understand work through homework. For those who attended, their understanding is sharpened about whatever they read or studied in class, which is positive in an academic setting. 
  2. Homework teaches a sense of independence; this is seen through the ability to doing work alone without help, dictation, or working under pressure, which also inspires you so a lot on your own without asking anyone for a lot of help. 
  3. Dictionary skills are enhanced through homework as well as research ability. When one researches on their own, they get to learn broadly from elsewhere, which is what homework offers. 
  4. There is a way homework connects the student or learner to the outside world because there are assignments where a student needs to interact with his or her community, inquire from friends, and ask for help from their family. 
  5. Resting or sleeping is perfectly essential in all a student’s endeavors. You get to class and find the cream dé la cream are jolly, happy, and self-proud; they seem to have a lot of energy and love for education. Many think it is because they come from better families full of life, happiness, and wealth. They also think such people are better in life than them; for one to become extra better in all he or she does, they need to rest enough for the brain to reboot and be ready to take on the tasks of the day.


Many students think homework is a waste of time and resources, but I stand with the fact that everyone has an opinion respected by me. After all the above information, you highly agree that students need to keep doing homework because they make every student better than they are due to these students’ involvement in non-school activities after school.


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