November 11, 2020

Homework assignments are common in institutions of learning. Everywhere around the world, students take home some tasks for submission at a later date as indicated by their teachers. This happens at almost every level of learning even for elementary schools. This is an opportunity for students to go over what was taught in class and find answers to questions given as assignments. Parents have always been asked to support their children and ensure that they accomplish these assignments at all times.

There is a lot that goes into homework. A student needs to plan for all the assignments against the available time. Sometimes, the assignments are too many and that is why some people feel that homework is not important for students. Some hardly find time to be with family and friends and that is why there are questions about whether students must be given homework. This is a debate that continues to attract different schools of thought in search of amicable solutions.

Key Uses of Homework 

Teachers in different learning institutions use homework for different reasons. Here are some of the top uses of homework in the learning process:

  1. To practice what was taught in class. It is believed that students can get to learn more as they do their homework. Homework presents a learning opportunity for them and that is why teachers insist on giving take-home assignments. 
  2. To introduce new topics in the course of learning. Students will be required to read ahead to give the teacher an easy time when he or she finally introduces a new topic. As the student prepares, they can highlight areas of interest and list questions on areas that will require clarification if the teacher doesn’t get to address that. 
  3. To help students use their various skills to solve problems. It is a great opportunity for students to enhance their problem-solving skills that could also apply later in their life. 
  4. Homework can be done for extensive purposes where students can get to learn new things by themselves. 

Benefits of homework to Students

With the objectives set for each of the different types of assignments, students can get to learn and benefit more. Here are various ways through which students get to benefit:

  1. Learning time management skills as they plan on delivering their assignments in a timely fashion 
  2. Enhance their problem-solving skills as they work on different types of assignments 
  3. Learn independence as they work on their own 
  4. Improve their organizational skills since they will need to set up a good working space for their work.  
  5. It’s an opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses

Final Thoughts 

The use of homework, despite the many debates around it, continues to be beneficial to students and institutions of learning as well. Today, many teachers can easily teach and assess their students through homework. There have been a lot of developments in students as they work on these tasks on their own. However, there should be good regulation and objectivity when working on these assignments to deliver the desired results. 


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